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Dental medicine

We offer modern dental care to ensure you have a bright and healthy smile

Dentistry, oral medicine and orthodontics include the prevention, recognition and treatment of diseases in the teeth, mouth and jaw. The shortest route between two people is a smile; a radiant smile and healthy teeth represent quality of life and play a significant role in the health of the human body. Modern dental medicine is more than just classic treatments with fillings and false teeth, and takes into account both the fact that diseases and disorders in the head, neck and shoulder region can have a significant effect on the function of the chewing apparatus and that abnormal changes in the mouth cavity can affect the rest of the body. It is therefore vital to take neighbouring functional areas and the symptoms of other diseases in the mouth cavity into account, as well as the teeth and gums. All modern processes in dental medicine and dental technology are available in HealthRegion Freiburg. Dentists from a range of specialist areas – experts in their fields – guarantee patients the best possible care. After all, beautiful teeth are a person’s business card.