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The HealthRegion Freiburg is home to experts in cancer research and treatment.

Based on the latest scientific knowledge, oncology patients in HealthRegion Freiburg are treated according to high standards, meeting the person’s physical, emotional and social needs. This connection between high-performance medicine and individual support in a personal atmosphere has proven itself in practice and is unique in this form.

HealthRegion Freiburg is one of the most important competence centres in cancer medicine and research today. The therapy concepts are orientated on the individual problems (disease-centred view), but also on options for promoting health, and the individual resources and target prospects of the patient (health-centred view). Concepts are implemented for patients whose cancer is potentially curable, and strategies developed for keeping chronic cancer under control. As part of this complementary approach to curing cancer, patients are trained to contribute their own strength to the process of combatting the disease. Multidisciplinary teams with medical, nursing, psychosocial, physiotherapeutic and nutritional expertise are available for this purpose.

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