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Long-term pain therapy

Whether it is for typical sports injuries in professional sport or for common pain conditions such as dizziness, nerve irritation, migraines, neck stiffness, chronic back pain, arthritis of the hip and knee, fibromyalgia, carpal tunnel syndrome, shoulder pain or one of the many other painful complaints, pain therapy plays a central role in treating chronic pain.

Pain is the body’s warning signal. This is useful when the patient has an acute health problem, and the pain disappears once this has been treated. If this does not happen, holistic pain therapy is the answer. Even if structural damage has been identified, this can still help to reduce pain. The role of effective pain treatment is therefore to ‘switch off’ the warning pain. This is done by reprogramming the misalignment of the muscles. After treatment, the joints and spine are no longer put under incorrect strain. It is a different case with cancer patients, for example. Up to 90 per cent of them suffer from chronic pain, which significantly reduces their quality of life. The most common consequences of chronic pain are sleeplessness, loss of appetite, loss of mobility, anxiousness and depression.

As part of this holistic therapeutic approach, HealthRegion Freiburg relies on consistent pain treatment by specially-trained experts in pain therapy within the aforementioned interdisciplinary team. Consultants, nursing staff (pain nurses), psychologists, chaplains and other specialists work together with the patient to find out what causes and effects their specific individual pain has. The treatment particularly takes into account the ‘bio-psychosocial illness model’, which allows the pain and the patient to be seen as one unit.

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