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Lipid clinic

Our goal is, to provide individual and competent healthcare services: From diagnostics to third party reports and advice regarding long-term treatment.
Overview of our diagnostics of lipometabolic disorders:

  • Anamnesis and genealogy analysis:
    To judge a patient’s cardiovascular risk, anamnestic information is crucial as it offers valuable cues to possible familial (= prime, genetical) or derivatively acquired lipometabolical disorders, i.e. by unfavourable lifestyle or nutritional habits, secondary disorders (for example Diabetes Mellitus, hypothyrodoidism), long-term medicament intake as well as existing atherosclerotic vascular intricacies. We offer examinations for whole families including children


  • General orientational examination:
    This examination serves the purpose of identifying further risk factors (i.e. hypertension, overweight) as well as specific symptoms of lipometabolic disorders (i.e. changes of skin, changes of eyes).


  • Laboratory analysis (= stepwise diagnosis)
    -Basic diagnosis: full cholesterol, LDL- and HDL-cholesterol,, triglyceride
    -Extended basic diagnosis: lipoelectrophoresis, lipoprotein (a), LDL-subfractions, PLAC test, homocysteine
    -In individual cases a molecular genetic examination can be recommended


  • Interpretation of findings and recommendations
    -complementary tests (i.e. vascular examinations)
    -therapeutic measures (i.e. change of lifestyle, medicament)

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