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Other diseases

Patients will find treatment for all known diseases in HealthRegion Freiburg. Selected facilities offer top-class medical services and coordinated treatment options in their particular specialist fields. The top priority is to improve your individual quality of life, with our support. The facilities in HealthRegion Freiburg put the question “What will help the patient?” at the very heart of everything they do.

In all this, you have the option of actively contributing your personal needs and experiences as a responsible patient to all prevention, treatment and follow-up care processes, and thus assuming greater responsibility for your own health. All staff in HealthRegion Freiburg are prepared for this and make every effort to counteract your fears and worries by being willing to talk actively at any time and by exchanging extensive information in good time. This also includes topics which are relevant to you, such as your environment, diet and social network. Your preferences are a core element of the decision-making process. From experiments, we know that the combination of professional treatment and personal attention improves your quality of life and satisfaction decisively and noticeably increases the sustainability of the treatment.

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